1-Day Riding Clinic: April 2nd 2017, Crosby MN

Date: April 2nd 2017

Class: Foundation/Advanced Riding (9am – 4pm)

Clinic will teach riders:

  • Gait Control
  • Turnarounds (spins)
  • Transitions
  • Counter Bending
  • Stops
  • Two Tracking (leg yields)
  • Haunches in
  • Elevate the withers
  • Develop the soft mouth
  • Collected Lead Departures
  • Shoulder Control
  • Backing with lightness
  • Collection and Vertical Flexion

Sign-Up: Fill out Clinic Entry Form, and bring with you to the Event. PAY ONLINE CLICK HERE!
Sponsor: Justin Mundt Horsemanship
Phone: Justin Mundt: 608-354-5371. Sherry Rocholl: 218-838-0412
Email: contact@justinmundthorsemanship.com
Website: www.justinmundthorsemanship.com
Venue: Black Diamond Equine Center; 30416 State Highway 6, Crosby MN (can be found with Google Maps)
Details: Haul-in Fee of $10 to be paid to Sherry of Black Diamond. Indoor/outdoor arena, size is 80X120. Indoor heated restroom. Bring a chair for personalized viewing. 12X12 stalls available for $5 (paid to Sherry). Unlimited spectator viewing, no reservations needed, $35/day, cash only. No dogs.

Required Equipment

  • properly fitting snaffle bridle
  • Mecate Reins, or split reins
  • saddle (English or Western makes no difference)