Copy of St. Francis Clinic - 2013 001Right thing easy, wrong thing difficult.

It’s a saying that’s been used for a long time in the horse world, and one that is commonly misinterpreted. With the many people that I have the privilege to work with each year in my horsemanship clinics and private lessons, they learn first-hand exactly what the true meaning of this phrase is.

When I was a young man first starting out, my grandfather and my father would say over and over to me; “you need to make your idea, the horse’s idea.” I had no clue what they were talking about. But over the years this saying was repeated over and over to me, and one day it finally stuck! Here’s a personal story to help illustrate:

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An outside perspective

February 4, 2015

*** AN OUTSIDE PERSPECTIVE *** DVD’s, books, advice columns, the internet, blogs, and television gives us many different outlooks and advice when it comes to training horses. While these mediums have their benefits, the simple fact of the matter still remains; horse training is a hands-on endeavor. The fastest way to become great at training […]

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Teach your horse to CRAVE the trailer

October 24, 2014

Getting your horse on the trailer is the first step, but taking the next step and teaching your horse to crave the trailer will teach him to load for life!

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When they won’t stand still…..

September 10, 2014

  People often ask, how do I get my horse Vegas to just stand there so quietly and not fidget, when I’m explaining things.

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Hours to improvement

July 15, 2014

Here’s some motivation for ya:Having a coach will do you wonders for your personal growth!Me personally, I still take lessons and get coaching from people who are light-years ahead of me. Every week I work with a professional to¬†continue to grow my skills, and increase my feel and timing. This equates to 16 hours a […]

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