Clinic Schedule

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Click on a link below for the Clinic date of your choice. Please contact individual Clinic Sponsor for space availability and sign-up information.

NOTE TO RIDERS: fill out our 2-page Clinic Entry Form below, and bring with you to your Clinic. 

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Rider fees are located in each link below

Spectator/Auditor fees = $35 a day

Justin Mundt Horsemanship Schedule of clinics, private lessons and events


What classes are offered?

Below is a list of the classes that Justin offers. Knowing where you are now, and where you want to be in the near future, will help with your decision on what class is right for you and your horse. 

Colt Starting 

Learn the techniques Justin uses to start his horses! This class will be directed at putting a great start on the young horse, and to build the proper foundation. To prepare the horse for the first saddling, we will cover the groundwork techniques used to help build respect, as well as help the horse become a willing participant. The class will progress along, and start the beginning exercises in Justin’s Foundation Horsemanship with the snaffle bit. Learn the feel and timing it takes to not only soften your horse to your cues, but also to prevent problems down the road. Note: horses need to be halter broke before the Clinic. 

Foundation Horsemanship (1/2 Groundwork, 1/2 Riding)

This class will cover the foundation principles Justin teaches all of his own horses, but will also cover how to work with the problem horse. Designed for the green horse or rider looking at building a great foundation, or for the older horse that may need some re-educating. This class is for all levels of riders, no matter what discipline. Covering the groundwork, and riding techniques to build a solid horse, you won’t be disappointed with this information-packed class!  This class teaches riders; gait control, transitions, body suppling, gaining the soft mouth, hindquarter control, ground control, acceptance, leadline rollbacks, stopping off your seat, leg cues, and vertical flexion. You also learn the groundwork techniques to build a respectful and calm horse, plus much more. 

Advanced Horsemanship (All Riding)

This progressive class introduces the rider to working the horse further in the snaffle, to prepare the horse for the bridle. This class will cover Neck Reining, Rollbacks, Turnarounds, Two-Tracking, Sidepassing, Lead Departures, backing with lightness, and Collection. Please note: your horse must already be able to do the techniques taught in Justin’s Foundation Horsemanship Class: walk/trot/canter, stop off your seat, lateral and vertical flexion, backing with ease, and transitions just to name a few. This class is not for green horses or riders. Hackamore horses welcome.

Can I just come to watch?

Yes you may! We welcome anyone who is interested in learning more about horsemanship to attend our Clinics and watch. Questions are encouraged from spectators throughout the weekend. So bring your notebook, and be prepared to learn as much as possible. Not all of our Host Facilities will have seating available, so we encourage any spectators to bring their own seating that is comfortable for them, as well as any other items you may need to be comfortable, as some events are held outside. At only $20/day, come and learn the gentle, effective, and practical horsemanship techniques that are the hallmark of Justin Mundt Horsemanship. Children 12 and under may watch for free.