Dream Team Horses

Ever bought a horse, only to wake up the next morning with a fire-breathing terror standing in your stall?

This is the unfortunate reality of today’s horse market. With the advent of drugs, poor training ( or no training what-so-ever), lack of ethics, no slaughter market, and a healthy dose of greed, horse lovers such as yourself play an unfortunate game of Equine Roulette when purchasing a horse.

It has become harder than ever to trust your fellow horseman. The downturn of the economy, over breeding of unwanted horses, and a lack of proper legislation, has increased the level of undesirable and problem horses to epic proportions.

Having a well trained horse who is truly on your team, one that you can trust, shouldn’t be a thing of the past. Well trained horses, no matter the pedigree, have a long track record of always being sought-after by many horse owners. Finding well trained horses, especially in today’s market, are few and far between. With your purchase of one of Justin’s Dream Team Horses, you can rest assured that your long hard search is over.

Growing up in the family business of Equine Sales, and his personal knowledge as a former Auctioneer, Justin has gained an incredible amount of knowledge and experience in the horse sale business. You now have access to that knowledge, as Justin puts this education to work for YOU. You’ll end up with a one-of-a-kind horse that you can grow and learn with, one that will educate you along the way, and become that true partner you’ve been looking for.

The Search Is Now Over

Each horse has been painstakingly researched, and personally tested by Justin, and personally trained by him.  No more wondering what the horse’s past experience has been, your horse will have been “put through his paces” from Justin’s extensive horsemanship program. These exceptional horses will offer you the chance to excel in your horsemanship goals, achieve a higher level of confidence, and will envelope you with a newfound passion. We guarantee that you will have never felt safer on a horse than you will feel on a Dream Team Horse. By purchasing a horse from Justin Mundt, you can rest assured that you have found your one-stop-shop for your horse sale needs.

Dream Team HorsesA Solid Foundation

Your Dream Team horse will be incredibly trained, and will have a solid foundation, ready for you to take the next step. When purchasing horses from most auctions or private sales, you take a real gamble not knowing who trained the horse ( and if they’re competent ), where the horse came from, or any problems or “holes” in the horse’s current foundation, not to mention the unfortunate circumstance that the horse may be drugged.

Your horse will know every technique from Justin’s proven system of success. You can ride your horse comfortably at a walk, trot, and canter, and guide your horse with ease. Control each part of your horse’s body with a feather-light touch. Your horse will also have hobbling knowledge, and will be putty in your hands having been through Justin’s “Body Breaking” maneuvers to ensure a soft and supple horse, and been ridden extensively on trails and with other horses ensuring you a solid foundation ready for your pleasure.

Act Now

Don’t miss out on this wonderful opportunity to own a Dream Team Horse from Justin Mundt! Not only will you have a well trained horse, you will also be able to advance your skills as a horseman since your horse will have that knowledge readily available, and be able to advance your skills when you’re ready. The process is easy. Contact Justin Mundt Horsemanship at (608) 354-5371 with the specifications you are looking for in a horse; we will place you on our waiting list, and will contact you when a horse with your specifications becomes available. Only a handful of these horses will be available each year.

Guaranteed Horses

The experience you deserve

With his wealth of experience in the business of Equine Sales, Justin prides himself on his ability to match a horse with its rider. Justin takes the pain out of the “search, buy, disappointed, sell….search again, buy again, more disappointment, sell again….” experience, and guides you through the painless, and most of all, fun process of purchasing your next partner.

Compatibility Test

Justin has a different philosophy than most; if he doesn’t feel you and the horse won’t be a perfect match for each other, he won’t sell it to you. No amount of money or bartering will change his mind! Over the years of seeing horse owners struggle with their current horse, Justin knows first-hand the frustrations and set-backs horse owners put themselves through with the purchase of the wrong horse for their needs, or experience level.

That’s why Dream Team horses are a wonderful horse for beginners. With the solid foundation that these horses provide, they will help develop your confidence in your horsemanship abilities, and provide continued education throughout the years.

You will spend a day with Justin for your “compatibility testing”, to see of you and your horse are the right match. With local trails, you and Justin will hit the countryside for your “test drive” after you have spent some time in the arena, learning Justin’s system one-on-one.

Your personal guarantee

With most sales situations, once you write the check, good or bad you own the horse. That’s far from customary with Justin Mundt Horsemanship. With your Dream Team horse, you get an unconditional 2 week money back guarantee. After 14 days, if for any reason you are unsatisfied with your new horse, contact us and we will give you a refund, no questions asked!

With the solid foundation your horse possesses, Justin’s knowledge and experience with compatibility, and our unconditional 2 week money back guarantee, owning a Dream Team horse has never been easier.