Private Lessons

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Does your horse have any of these problems?


  • Bucks
  • Bolts 
  • Rears
  • Is cinchy
  • Refuses the bit
  • Doesn’t stand for the Farrier
  • Won’t load in trailer
  • Disrespectful
  • Lazy
  • Fearful
  • Won’t change leads
  • Kicks
  • Charges you
  • Won’t give to the bit
  • Is stiff and pushy
  • Hard to catch
  • Can’t neck rein 
  • Aggressive

Justin can help


From teaching you how to start your young horse, to helping you get the collection you’d like from your show mount, Justin prides himself in offering the best Coaching to help you achieve your goals.

Here’s a small sample of what you can learn:


  • How to start your own horse
  • Fix a bucking problem
  • How to put the proper foundation on your horse
  • How to fix common problems before they arise
  • Build respect
  • Fix a spooky horse
  • Increase your feel and timing
  • Remove fears and anxieties
  • Gain confidence
  • How to get your horse soft and collected
  • Neck reining 
  • Patience when tied
  • Hindquarter control
  • Smooth backing
  • Simple Leads, and Flying Lead Changes
  • Teach your horse to CRAVE being in the trailer
  • Stopping on the word “WHOA”
  • Proper leg cues
  • Seat position (basic and advanced)
  • Cure a rearing problem
  • Teach them to stand for the Farrier
  • Teach your horse to catch YOU
  • The groundwork techniques you need, and which ones to avoid

Plus much, much more!

You have ultimate flexibility and control with your Private Lessons. Justin personally travels to you, and offers you one-on-one instruction, in the comfort of your facility. You’ll start by finding out what it is you want most, and uncover where your horse’s problems arise from, and then Justin will give you his personal paint-by-numbers approach to help you attain your goals. Justin likes to teach in a fun, friendly, no-finger pointing manner, and strive to make your lesson not only rewarding, but one you will want again and again.

When I’m done teaching either at a Clinic, or a Private Lesson, I want you to know the material so well that you can teach me how to do it by the time I leave. ~Justin Mundt

How do I sign up?


Signing up is very easy. Simply call Justin at (608)354-5371 to set up dates that will work best for you. You will also need to fill out the Clinic Entry Form completely, and mail to Justin with your payment.

Note: please view the FAQ page for equipment requirements, and other information.

Clinic Entry Form


Give Justin a call to talk about pricing details at (608)354-5371