Terms of Service

The Personal Training Series subscription requires monthly recurring payment of $14.99USD which allows access to all of the videos contained in the Personal Training Series, provided that your membership remains in good stainding. Once paid, this fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. If a user wishes to cancel their subscription, they may do so via justinmundthorsemanship.com, but the monthly fee will not be refunded. If you choose to cancel your subscription or a scheduled payment fails for any reason, your subscription will be terminated, and you will lose all access to the video series.
This agreement outlines our commitments to our subscribers (such as the level of service and support they are entitled to) and a subscriber’s obligations to us (such as how the service is paid for and what details need to be provided). If you think at any time that we are failing to fulfill our obligations under this agreement you can ask for a refund.
For the purposes of this agreement the terms “you” and “your” refer to the accountholder. The terms “we”, “us”, and “justinmundthorsemanship.com” refer to the administrators of the justinmundthorsemanship.com website as laid out below (see 8, “PARTIES”). The term “account” refers to the facility provided by justinmundthorsemanship.com whereby you are granted access to the subscribers’ area of the site and where your personal details are stored. The term “subscription” should be taken to refer to the agreement for payment you make during the subscription process.

2.1 – Account Creation – Subject to receipt of the appropriate account creation fee submitted through an authorized payment processor justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to offer you the means of creating an account online. In the event of any problem with the online account creation (whether caused by computer failure or user error) justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to create an account manually for you within two working days of receipt of communication from you outlining the problem and providing details of your payment.
2.2 – Account Activation – Subject to the provision of a genuine and correctly spelled email address capable of receiving emails from justinmundthorsemanship.com (including emails generated automatically by a computer) justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to provide you with the means of activating your account to allow you to access the restricted areas of the site. This is normally done via a password sent by email. In the event that you do not receive the email containing the password justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to activate your account manually for you within two working days of notification of your problem, combined with proof that the email address you have provided is capable of receiving emails. Acceptable proof includes an email received from the address in question. All correspondence must include clear reference to the problem in hand and the required action to be taken.
2.3 – Availability – While your account is open and not contravening any of the terms laid out in this agreement justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to grant you access to the subscribers’ area of justinmundthorsemanship.com via a unique username and password. While every effort is made to ensure that the site is available at all times there may be occasions when, due to unforeseen technical difficulties that may affect the server, the internet in general, or other equipment, the site (including the subscribers’ area) may be unavailable. justinmundthorsemanship.com makes no representation that the subscribers’ area will be available at all times and accepts no liability for any temporary unavailability, for which no refunds will be made.
2.4. – Account Functionality – Should you encounter difficulty accessing the restricted area of the site, justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to test your account. In testing your account, justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to verify that the restricted area of the site can be accessed over an open internet connection using your login details when submitted using Microsoft’s Internet Explorer run in its default settings. You are aware of the fact that the settings and configurations of your own software and/or computer may cause problems accessing the restricted area, and that justinmundthorsemanship.com cannot offer support or accept liability for such problems. Once justinmundthorsemanship.com has verified that your account can be accessed using the appropriate software and settings it is your responsibility to ensure that you have the necessary equipment and configuration to use your account. No representation is made that accounts can be accessed from any combination of computer, software, and settings, and (since the necessary software may be freely obtained) no refund can be given for any problems encountered due to the use of inappropriate software/settings. You acknowledge and accept that if your account is tested and found to be working that any problem you continue to encounter is a problem with your own equipment and not the responsibility of justinmundthorsemanship.com.
2.5 – Account Security – justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to take all reasonable precautions to ensure that your account is secure and that your personal details are not accessible to any third party operating in the normal course of business. With regard to your payment card details, these will be held securely by our payment processor, and will not be available via the justinmundthorsemanship.com site. All information exchanges including your card details will be carried out over secure connections. With regard to less sensitive personal information, such as your name, address, etc. this will be accessible by you using your username and password via the justinmundthorsemanship.com website over a standard internet connection. Your justinmundthorsemanship.com username and password may be sent to you by standard email and may appear on screens within the restricted area accessed with your username and password. Details of account status and date of termination can be obtained with your username only. Justinmundthorsemanship.com must not and will not knowingly discuss or disclose your account or any of your personal details with, or act upon any request made in relation to your account by any person who does not provide your full username and password as proof of identity or accountholder authority. Where login details are unavailable and cannot be retrieved, verification of other personal details will be accepted. justinmundthorsemanship.com is obliged to monitor activity on your account, and if this activity suggests that your password may have become compromised access must be suspended to protect your personal details. justinmundthorsemanship.com must then issue you with a new password and reactivate your account.

3.1 – Email Address – To activate your account and gain access to the restricted areas of the site you are required to provide an active email address capable of receiving emails from justinmundthorsemanship.com, and evidence that you are able to receive emails sent to it, either by clicking the link provided in the welcome email sent to your email address upon account creation, by entering the account password also sent in this email in the appropriate form on the website, or by sending an email from the account (clearly stating the purpose of the email) which is then received by us. You have no right to access the site until you have provided evidence in one of the above forms that the email address you have given is capable of receiving emails. No refund can be given for any period of account inactivity due to your failure to provide adequate evidence, or failure to make clear in any communications sent the purpose of those communications (for instance, blank emails sent as proof of email validity).
3.2 – Payments – By taking out a subscription to justinmundthorsemanship.com you agree to pay for any service rendered, including but not limited to account creation, account upgrade, and the maintenance of your account.
3.3 – Disputed Payments – By taking out a subscription to justinmundthorsemanship.com you assert that you will honor all payments made and will not dispute any payments made, either through your bank, credit card company, payment processing company, or by any other means, other than by requesting a refund directly from justinmundthorsemanship.com. It is your responsibility to ensure that payments you make are not reversed. Should any payment you make to justinmundthorsemanship.com be reversed, either at your request or by your bank or other payment company, or because you have insufficient funds available, your subscription will be immediately canceled, and you will not be able to scubscribe to justinmundthorsemanship.com again at any time in the future.
3.4 – Copyright – As a subscriber to justinmundthorsemanship.com, you agree to never copy, reproduce, or distribute any content, in part or in whole, of justinmundthorsemanship.com website. All content, including copy, images and video, is owned exclusively by Justin Mundt Horsemanship. Violators will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law, and will have their subscription canceled.
3.5 – Account Security – As a subscriber to justinmundthorsemanship.com you must keep your login details secret at all times and never share them with any other person. If activity on your account suggests that your login details have become compromised your account will be automatically suspended and you will be issued with a new password within two working days. You must not revert to your previous password, which may have been compromised.

4.1 – Personal Training Series Subscription – The Personal Training Series subscription is monthly recurring payment of $14.99USD which allows access to all of the videos contained in the Membership area of justinmundthorsemanship.com Once paid, this fee is non-refundable under any circumstances. If a user wishes to cancel their subscription, they may do so via justinmundthorsemanship.com, but the monthly fee will not be refunded.

5.1 – Subscription Failure – If a due subscription payment fails is declined, your account will be closed.
5.2 – Account Misuse – justinmundthorsemanship.com reserves the right to close without warning any accounts being used for any other purpose than for the provision of information held in the subscribers’ area to the individual subscriber. Possible forms of misuse include, but are not restricted to the following: (i) Data theft – information provided is for the benefit of the individual subscriber only, and must not be shared, published, or otherwise disseminated in any way; (ii) password-sharing – the sharing of login details is strictly prohibited. Our system will detect and automatically suspend accounts being accessed from more than two separate locations in any given 24 hour period. In such a situation your account will be suspended but your subscription will remain active, and you will be supplied with new login details. Should the situation recur your account will be closed and your subscription will be cancelled; (iii) incorrect information – if the information you provide about yourself is false or incorrect you may be denied access to your account or your account may be closed. This applies in particular to the sign-up process where the use of a false or inaccurate email address, or one which cannot receive emails from justinmundthorsemanship.com, will render you unable to activate your account, for which we accept no responsibility and for which no refunds will be issued. No refunds will be given for any accounts closed due to misuse.

To use justinmundthorsemanship.com’s services you will need certain equipment, not supplied by justinmundthorsemanship.com. This includes a computer, an internet connection, and the necessary software to browse the internet and access emails. justinmundthorsemanship.com is designed for and tested on Microsoft Internet Explorer run in default settings. Performance on other applications cannot be guaranteed, and no assurance can be provided that justinmundthorsemanship.com services can be used with any configuration of computer, software, and settings. The necessary programs to utilise justinmundthorsemanship.com services are available for free on the internet, and as such no refund can be made for any failure of your own equipment to receive, process, and correctly display justinmundthorsemanship.com services.

Refunds will be given at the discretion of the company management, and only in circumstances where justinmundthorsemanship.com has failed to fulfill its obligations as laid out in this agreement. Applications for refunds must be made by contacting contact@justinmundthorsemanship.com.com and cannot otherwise be considered. Refunds will not be granted for cancelled subscriptions either wholly or in part. A refund will be provided if there has been a failure on the part of justinmundthorsemanship.com to fulfill its obligations with regard to account creation as laid out in the terms of this agreement, but under no circumstances whatsoever will a refund be considered once the account has been correctly created and the restricted information thereby made available. Failure to activate an account is not grounds for a refund. Refunds, where suitable, will be provided either wholly or in part, as deemed appropriate by the company management.

The parties to this contract shall include (i) any person who commences the online account creation process and continues that process to the point of payment (referred to above as “you” or “your”); and (ii) the administrators of the justinmundthorsemanship.com website, being at this time the Sole Proprietorship of Justin Mundt Horsemanship and “justinmundthorsemanship.com” from the address of N13551 County Road F Ridgeland, WI (referred to above as “we”, “us”, and “justinmundthorsemanship.com”).

These terms and conditions are the current terms and conditions covering subscription to justinmundthorsemanship.com and supersede any previous terms and conditions and may be superseded in themselves or amended in future without prior consultation. If any part of this contract is held by any competent authority to be invalid or unenforceable in whole or in part this shall not affect the validity of the other provisions of this contract, or the remainder of the provision in question.