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The Public Speaks Out

Hear what others think of Justin Mundt Horsemanship

“I came home yesterday from a 3 day clinic. It wasn’t with a name brand trainer with his own TV show. It was just a simple colt starting clinic.

Yes I did have frustration and fear. Yes by the end of the first day I was mentally done with all horses for at least 12 hours. And yes I was asleep by 10pm each night.

It wasn’t me sitting on the sidelines watching my horse get worked with. It was me doing the work and the trainer watching and giving pointers. I know I made several mistakes and I’m sure the trainer got frustrated but he never showed it. He was humble, smart, and extremely patient. I learned so much in those 3 days about my horse, horses in general, and eventually tons about myself.

I highly recommend trying to see this trainer for your horse. You may think you know a lot, but he will surprise you. I’ve been riding since I was 2yrs old. That’s over 30 years! And I learned enough to give myself a headache. This clinic was well worth everything. The only thing I regret is not having more time to learn from him. He was amazing and I’m very glad I went.

So, who is this awesome trainer?? This person you should look into? This person who will give you some confidence you didn’t know you lacked? This person who will help you find a better road to your horse and inadvertently a better road to yourself?

Justin Mundt.

Thank you.” Dusty H. ~ 3-Day Colt Starting Clinic Participant 

Anyone thinking of taking a class with Justin Mundt or thinking of going to a clinic, DO IT! Totally worth it! I am so happy I took the lesson that I did with him. My husband’s gelding was bought knowing he needed work and possibly a 30 day refresher. I took a private lesson with Justin and he had to work hard with Beau. By the end of the day Beau was doing very well. Now one week later I haven’t had much time until today to work on what we learned but hubby got on him today anyway just to enjoy the weather. Beau did just as well as when we left the lesson last Sunday. He didn’t argue or give much in the way of an argument and not so much as a bunny hop or buck like he did before.” Leah J. ~ Private Lesson Participant

“Your teaching is great Justin. Sydney and I learned SO much! We had fun and enjoyed ourselves. You gave us enough time and instruction to be sure we fully understood and could effectively do with our horse what was taught. I can not even thank you enough, I’m so grateful for your expertise both with horses and teaching. Thank you 🙂 we are going to keep practicing what we learned and get our horses lighter and lighter.. It is SO FUN and exciting to finally have the tools we need to improve ourselves and our horses . I could go on about it forever but I won’t. I’ll just say the whole experience was amazing and I’m VERY grateful.” Joann B. ~ 3-Day Horsemanship Clinic Participant

“I don’t believe the traditional method is relevant given that it’s out dated and steeped in fear but I also don’t endorse the gimmicks of modern day natural horsemanship.

It has been truly inspiring to find a clinician whose motto is “REAL HORSEMANSHIP. REAL RESULTS.” and then watch them deliver just that.

(And trust me, I did my best to discount him every step of the way. I couldn’t.)

It was a pleasure auditing your clinic today, Justin – Georgie and I are looking forward to being participants in the spring!” AutymRose T. ~ Clinic Spectator 

There’s no better feeling than being able to call up a trainer you’ve worked with and ask for some advice on things, and to have them actually care about what you have to say. Lately it seems like a lot of trainers are in it only for the money and will only help you if you are consistently working with them, but i’d recommend this guy to anyone for any problem horse. Thanks Justin Mundt for taking the time out of your day to help me! I can’t wait to get out and apply some things!” Andrea S. ~ 3-Day Horsemanship Clinic Participant and Private Lessons Participant


 Best money I have spent in a LONG time! Almost 50 years of horses in my life and I had one almost convince me I had no idea what I was doing. 2 day private lesson and he’s a different horse and I am a different, more confident rider. I could have sent him off to a trainer, only to have him come home and regress again, but it made a LOT more sense to find out if it was me, or if it was him. It was mostly him, but some of me, and Justin pointed out which of us was doing what wrong throughout the 2 days. He also pointed out what we were doing right and I now have a much lighter more responsive horse, which allows me to be a much more responsive rider with lighter hands. Plus, I gained information and skills I can use with other horses, not just this particular one. A win win for all involved!” Lisa B. ~ 2-Day Private Lessons Participant

“To prove your program works I was told by someone at my barn that my gelding was the SWEETEST horse she’s ever handled!! Also proves hard work and consistency pays off… So happy to finally find a program that works!!! You should be proud of what you’ve done with your training program.” Melanie V. ~ MN; 2-time Clinic Participant and Private Lessons participant

“I wish I would have known about your Private Lessons before I spent all that money on things that didn’t work. Glad to finally realize there are people out there that can actually deliver on what they say. We’ll be doing more lessons with you in the future.” Beverly J. ~ MN

“I’ve never cantered so much in my life as I did when we did your 2-Day Private Lessons. But I’m glad I did. It really hit home to me that I have to put some miles on my horse and not spend only ten minutes working with him. What you teach is truly amazing Justin. Thank you!” ~Mary L. IA

“I wish I would have met you and your training techniques BEFORE I broke my back. Your emphasis on safety is really great, especially for someone like me who has lost her confidence over the years to unsafe horses. You’re absolutely right when you say, “your horse doesn’t care who pays your bills when you get hurt. Building your horse’s respect will make him safer to be around, and is therefore the cheapest insurance policy.” Your Clinic is by far the cheapest insurance policy I could have purchased. Thanks again Justin.” ~Barb L., WI

“I’m amazed at how easy it is now to read my horse. Your Method makes things so easy, and knowing how to approach my horse with your techniques makes things go so much faster now that I know how to deal with his personality.” ~ Jennifer M. , MN

“I was nervous about putting pressure on my horse like you instructed, but I’m glad I did. Without pushing him past his comfort zone, I would have been dealing with his bad behavior the rest of my life. Your clinic is the best investment I’ve made.” ~Carol N. , IA

“The summer of 2012 was rough for my gelding Bubba and I. It was only our second year competing together and we still hadn’t figured each other out, but it was so much more than that. We would go into the ring to run a pattern and he was downright disrespectful. He refused to run and would stop at every turn we made. He was considered “crazy” by many people we came in contact with. After hearing about the success a friend had with Justin Mundt Horsemanship I decided to give it a shot. During my 2 day private lesson with Justin I not only learned techniques to use on my horse, but I learned what I was doing wrong as a rider. The next weekend Bubba and I went to Champ Show and I put the Justin’s formula to work. Our first class was Junior Egg and Spoon. A class of 90 raging game horses, and Bubba was calm as could be. He went on to win the class and amaze everyone we knew. My runs at Champ Show were the first runs that I actually felt in control instead of like I was on a runaway train. Since then we’ve had so much success and I can’t wait to continue my training as well as my horses! I’ll never go back to the way I trained before having met Justin.” Monica J. – 3-Day Horsemanship Clinic Participant and Private Lessons Participant

“Just wanted to say a big giant THANK YOU! I very much appreciate both the instruction and the encouragement, as well as the time and effort you put into what you do, that you do so well. Again, Thank you!” ~Lisa B., WI

“As a barn owner and horse trainer, the decision to let someone come into your barn and teach a clinic is not one to be taken lightly. We had Justin Mundt come to our open barn last spring and were very impressed by the professionalism and training techniques he showed. He explained himself and what he was doing with the horse in a very easy to understand way, and everyone is attendance was able to take something away from his demonstration. He is truly in it to build a better relationship between the everyday owner and horse, and his techniques can be used by horse people of all abilities. As a trainer, it can be hard to have someone else come in and show their own training techniques, but Justin showed he was not there to overshadow anything that other people do, just to show ways that have worked well for himself and the many people he has helped with various people throughout the years. My definition of a “tough horse” and other peoples are a bit different, and we gave him a tough one. He did an amazing job with the horse he used for the demonstration, and that horse walked away a completely different horse. I would definitely recommend having him come and do a demonstration at your barn, and hope to have him again at ours in the future.” -Sharlyn Fellenz, Owner: Mytalisha’s Dream Riding Center – Horsemanship Demo Host

“I am always skeptical about clinicians. Justin Has a special talent with communicating To each person What he is expecting a horse to accomplish. We have horses from 3 years old on up to 12 years old In this clinic. The people and the horses are phenomenal. When you see something so exceptional You want to share it with your friends and family. This is a clinic you should attend. This is for those beginners to the most advanced riders. No joke, you will walk away with more knowledge then what you started with.” Sherry R. – Clinic Host of multiple JMH events

“Through your program I was able to improve my feel and timing which skyrocketed my results. I was amazed at what I learned and accomplished in only three days. This kind of softness and respect I achieved would have taken me at least a year or two! Thank you Justin for showing me how to improve my Horsemanship. These are skills I can apply to all my “kids”. ~ Sarah S. – 3-Day Horsemanship Clinic Participant