When they won’t stand still…..



People often ask, how do I get my horse Vegas to just stand there so quietly and not fidget, when I’m explaining things.

To make things simple, he simply knows that moving without my permission means work will be involved!

I train my horses to not only stand still when I ask them to, but to also stay at a certain gait that I request, and to stay at that gait until I say otherwise.

I use the principle “make the right thing easy, and wrong thing difficult” (as most trainers do), to get my horse to do this.

For example; if my horse doesn’t stand still, and constantly fidgets……I do spins! And I don’t mean one or two nice ones. I mean I’ll do a spin just like you see in the Reining pen about 7-8 times, and I make them hustle! With consistency, they will soon learn that wanting to walk off makes them sweat, and standing still is the sweetest thing in the world



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